Dwight Howard- Individual

Dwight Howard has been a critical individual from the Los Angeles Lakers' seat in two of the last three seasons.

Undoubtedly, he isn't a similar player he was even quite a while back when he assisted the Lakers.

Dwight Howard- Assisted

Dwight Howard- Alternate

Howard has an alternate course of action on the off chance that nobody signs him toward the finish.

Whenever Howard's ball profession reaches a conclusion, he can leave with the true serenity.

Dwight Howard- Ball Profession

Man who rescued what was once a discolored standing by tolerating a lesser job with L.A.

Dwight Howard- Tolerating

He (Howard) could be back with the Lakers, but if that doesn’t pan out but seems to join WWE.

Dwight Howard- Join WWE

As we all know that WWE is a wrestling entertainment show in which trained, wrestlers compete.

Dwight Howard- Wrestling

But Dwight Howard is not as trained as them neither he stepped into some other profession rather than NBA.

Dwight Howard- Profession

Image Source- Lakers Daily

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