Dylan Cease- White Sox

Chicago White Sox star Dylan Cease was ineffective throughout 8.2 innings. However, it wasn't enough.

The Cy Young candidate took a no-hitter into the ninth inning Saturday, against Minnesota Twins.

Dylan Cease- Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins, but lost it with just two outs when he was up against Luis Arraez, the American League batting average leader.

Dylan Cease- Average Leader

The All-Star infielder smashed one of his line drives into right field to stop the attempt to make his place in history.

Dylan Cease- His Place In History

Cease could at the very least secure the shutout one batter later , knocking out Kyle Garlick. 

Dylan Cease- Kylie Garlick

He ended the game with nine scoreless innings. seven strikes, two walks and tragically, just one hit was allowed.

Dylan Cease- Hit Was Allowed

Dylan Cease- St.Louis Cardinals

Image Source- CBS Sports, NBC Sports

According to MLB.com's Sarah Langs, Cease joins Miles Mikolas of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mikolas was even more close than Cease, needing only one additional strike to end the game.

Dylan Cease- End The Game

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