Eagles vs Browns- See Who is the Winner

The Eagles were joined by the Browns to begin their initial of the two practices that they had jointly on Thursday.

The NFL and NFLPA reached an agreement in which the Browns quarterback will be served an 11-game suspension.

Eagles vs Browns- Quarterback

Eagles vs Browns- Against Watson

The team will pay an amount of $5 million following a string of accusations of sexual misconduct against Watson.

So safe to say Jonathan Gannon's big welcome-back-to-Cleveland press conference was not the biggest one of the day.

Eagles vs Browns- Press Conference

However it was a good thing that it was a good thing that the Eagles and Browns did have a workout that began with a 2.30 p.m.

Eagles vs Browns- Good Thing

Overall it was a good day for both teams, with plenty of lively play and plenty of enjoyable talking about trash.

Eagles vs Browns- About Trash

Fletcher Cox said the leaders of both teams were present prior to the session to show respect and pledged to keep their teams on the right track. 

Eagles vs Browns- Right Track

Eagles vs Browns- Day Of Practice

Image Source- Dawgs by Nature

It was tough to determine who was the winner and loser from the day of practice. It was certainly a tighter contest.

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