Edmundo Sosa- Playing Defense

Edmundo Sosa went above to make this important defense play in Philadelphia Phillies.

Most spectacularly athletic action you'll see during tag outs, Sosa tagging Bleday while doing midair splits.

Edmundo Sosa- MidAir Splits

Bleday was already scheduled to be out because of abandoning the base line on the most bizarre route.

Edmundo Sosa- Baseline Route

Tuesday night, when it was the time that Philadelphia Phillies took on the Miami Marlins.

Edmundo Sosa- Phillies vs Marlins

While right-handed Sosa technically was the better player against the starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo actually has better results.

Edmundo Sosa- Playing Better

Stott will be an integral part of the Phillies' core in the future, he must make regular plate appearances.

Edmundo Sosa- Worthy Part

Image Source- Viva El Birdos

Edmundo Sosa- Lineup Choice

Image Source- Viva El Birdos

In this particular game it was decided to place Sosa in the lineup was the right choice.

During the Phillies' victory, he might have played the most impressive match of his professional career.

Edmundo Sosa- Delight MLB Match

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