Giants Legend Eli Manning gushed about his nephew's next move in his career as a football player.

Eli Manning- Giants Legends

Eli's son, Arch, is a part of the lineage of Manning quarterbacks. The five-star player made a commitment.

Eli Manning- Lineage of Mannings

He's just looking to play soccer," Eli told the NFL Network Friday. "He wants to be a great teammate."

Eli Manning- NFL Network Today

Alongside Eli, Arch also has Peyton Manning as an uncle. It's also important to note that his father.

Eli Manning- Important to Note

Cooper who was also a high-profile wide receiver in the college prior to a spinal stenosis diagnosis ended his career.

Eli Manning- High Profile Receiver

In the role of following Manning player, Eli told reporters on Friday that he's very proud of his nephew.

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Eli Manning- Told to Reporters

A two-time Super Bowl champ mentioned, also, that he thought about being a Longhorn himself.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Eli Manning- Super Bowl Champ

"I'm excited for him going to Texas," Eli declared. "It's an amazing university with a great football history.

Eli Manning- Amazing University

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