Judge in the lawsuit against Twitter Inc for $44 billion has a reputation of not being a skeptic.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Judge Orders

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Reluctant Buyers

The distinction of being the only jurist to have ever ordered a reluctant buyer close a U.S. corporate merge.

Kathaleen McCormick was the first woman to assume the position of Chancellor or Chief Judge of Court.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Assume the Position

She was given the Twitter lawsuit, which seeks to force Musk into completing his deal for the social network platform.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Company Lawsuit

Track history of not putting up to some of the most outrageous behavior that we see when people want out of deals.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Outrageous Behaviour

Musk's volatile and brazen behavior is not her style. She is well-known for being soft-spoken.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Brazen Behaviour

Musk announced on July 8 that he would end the $54.20-perTwitter share purchase, which was worth $44 billion.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Share Purchase

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Twitter shares rose by 2% to $37.11 on Friday in midday trading, but were still over 30% below the deal price.

Twitter vs Elon Musk- Share Rose

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