Twitter Work Culture- Elon Musk

Certainly if anyone doesn’t feel comfortable with that, they will on their own accord said the Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The more positively employees talked about innovation at the company, the more likely they were to quit.

Twitter Work Culture- Employees to Quit!!!

Twitter Work Culture- Attrition Rate

The attrition rates of the three most-innovative companies were three standard deviations higher.

It’s actually not that different of a picture,” says Charlie Sull, a co-author of the MIT study and cofounder of CultureX.

Twitter Work Culture- CultureX Author!!!

Twitter Work Culture- Elon Musk Inspirational

Employees found Musk truly inspirational and the innovative culture he builds exciting. Workers really like the perks, too.

One thing we found is especially powerful is schedules,” says Sull. “If you make schedules predictable.

Twitter Work Culture- Schedule Predictable!!!

Twitter Work Culture- What Experts Say

Talk of greater balance must hope and trust that their employees will respond in turn with greater loyalty and support,”

A work culture that values employee happiness and well-being is innovative in itself.

Twitter Work Culture- Ideal Work Culture

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