Elon Musk Twitter- Comply with EU Laws

Elon Musk appeared to endorse a key European law regulating social media on Monday.

Breton said he met with Musk to explain the finer points of the Digital Services Act, saw that imposes higher content moderation.

Elon Musk Twitter- High Content Meoderation

Musk to increase Twitter Revenue- Subscription

The Subscriptions are expected to pull in another $10 billion, according to the report by the leaks.

The head of Tesla (TSLA) also aims to increase Twitter's cash flow to $3.2 billion in 2025 and $9.4 billion in 2028, 

Elon Musk to Increase Cash Flow

Elon Musk to Expand User Base on Twitter

The billionaire Elon Musk has also promised to revitalize the company and expand the number of users

cracking down on spam bots and reducing the amount of moderation to facilitate more "free speech."

Musk increase Twitter Revenue- Fighting Spam

Elon Musk- Twitter Temporary CEO

Musk is expected to become Twitter's temporary CEO, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday.

Musk to Increase Twiiter Revenue- Swipe Up!!!

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