Houston Rockets already have an agreement to trade one of their veteran players for a first-round draft pick.

Eric Gordon- Already have Agreement

Rockets appear to be looking to trade one veteran player for a first-round pick this offseason.

Eric Gordon- Trade One Player

Houston is open for trades of veteran guard Eric Gordon. In exchange for Gordon, the Rockets would like to trade.

Eric Gordon- Open for Trades

Houston had previously offered to trade Christian Wood to Dallas Mavericks for the #26 draft pick.

Eric Gordon- Dallas Mavericks

Rockets acquire the Mavs selection, which gives them three first-round picks for the 2022 NBA Draft.

Eric Gordon- Three First Round Picks

After selecting four players in round one of the 2021 NBA Draft, this is the final selection of Eric Gordon.

Image Source- SB Nation

Eric Gordon- Selecting Four Players

Gordon is coming off a productive season. He averaged 13.4 point on 47/1/78 shooting splits.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Eric Gordon- A Productive Season

He is a 33-year-old scoring center with $19.6 million in his contract for 2022-23, and $20.9 million for 2023-24.

Eric Gordon- Scoring Center

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