The European Union on Monday will continue to work toward an agreement to embargo Russian oil.

EU on Russian Oil- Work Again on Agreement

Budapest over the weekend signaled support for a European Commission proposal that would apply sanctions only on Russian oil.

EU on Russian Oil- Signaled Support

Hungary, a major user of Russian oil and whose leader Viktor Orban has been on friendly terms with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

EU on Russioan Oil- Hungary is the Reason

Russian oil brought into the EU by tankers, which would allow landlocked oil importers Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic.

EU on Russian Oil- Support to Landlocked

Talks for Russian Oil were held up however by demands from Hungary for EU financing

EU on Russian Oil- EU Financing

European Union leaders could reach an agreement in time for their Monday-Tuesday summit in Brussels 

Europen Union Leaders in Brussels

In Brussels, European Union leaders will show their unity when it comes to Russian Invansion.

EU on Russian Oil- Illustrate Unity

On arriving in Brussels for a summit of the 27 national EU leaders for proposing the Russian Oil deal.

EU on Russian Oil- 27 National EU Leaders

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