Evan Fournier- French Team

French Team participating in this year’s EuroBasket play. Former Celtics Guard Evan Fournier is well aware of it.

The current New York Knicks wing has admitted that France will be bulletin board material.

Evan Fournier- New York Knicks

Fournier stated that "We have a target at our backs" in a recent article written by Johnny Askounis, Eurohoops.

Evan Fournier- Eurohoops

He said, "We won the Olympic Games silver medals last year, so (we must) show our strength."

Evan Fournier- Olympic Games

Evan Fournier, a former Orlando Magic wing, may not be playing for the team anymore but he is still doing magic things.

Evan Fournier- Orlando Magic

Fournier was crowned the captain of the French men’s basketball team earlier this week.

Evan Fournier- The Captain

Nicolas Batum's successor in the French captaincy is Fournier, who will be serving alongside Rudy Gobert.

Evan Fournier- Successor

Image Source- National Today, Marca

Evan Fournier- Scoring Prowess

Image Source- National Today, Marca

Fournier, true to form, kept his foreign scoring prowess alive during his first game as the head coach.

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