The Celtics have an important tool in filling in some gaps in their roster: Evan Fournier's $17.1 million trade.

Evan Fournier- Important Tool

A trade-in player exception is a complex but crucial aspect in NBA wage cap maneuvering. 

Evan Fournier- The Player Extension

When the Celtics decided not to offer to Fournier during the offseason they offered the Knicks.

Evan Fournier- Not to Offer Him

Second-round draft picks aren't the most valuable thing in a toolbox, but they're not something to just give away.

Evan Fournier- Draft Pick

The $17.1-million question you probably clicked on this page hoping to find the answer.

Evan Fournier- Find the Answer

Robinson's contract, which is set to give him an impressive $54 million in the coming three years. 

Evan Fournier- Impressive Deals

Image Source- Vendetta Sports Media

Kevin Huerter ($14.5 million) - Huerter isn't exactly as effective at shooting than Robinson.

Evan Fournier- Shooting Percentage

Image Source- Hardwoodhoudini

The Hawks are looking to change their rosters during the offseason. If Huerter is still available.

Evan Fournier- Change the Roster

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