Evan Mobley- NBA Campaign

Evan Mobley's first NBA campaign was unquestionably an eye-catching achievement.

He was recognized in the top league defensive players and also set the stage for his career.

Evan Mobley- Top Defensive Player

Evan Mobley- All Defensive Team

Which was rife with NBA All-Defensive Team accolades and the annual Defensive Player of the Year awards.

He was a top three-star player for the playoff-bound Cleveland Cavaliers, who might've been a contender for MVP.

Evan Mobley- Cleveland Cavaliers

Mobley also finished 6th in the NBA with the number of blocks per match (1.7) and ranked second for the Cavs.

Evan Mobley- Number of Blocks

Mobley already has the look of a player in the top 50 percent and a buzz around the All-Star game in 2022-23.

Evan Mobley- The Buzz Around

Despite being a part of an All-Star initiate with Darius Garland and having more than two-thirds of his points.

Evan Mobley- Two Third of Points

Evan Mobley- Shot Percentage

Image Source- Kings James Gospel

Mobley's actual shot percent (54.9) was two percentage points below his league standard (56.6).

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