There was some doubt initially due to earlier off-ice problems It would be difficult for anyone to say.

Evander Kane- Initially Draft

Evander Kane acquisition was anything other than excellent to Edmonton Oilers.

Evander Kane- Edmonton Oilers

The 30-year-old, who was a part of the club in January, made immediately a bond with Connor McDavid.

Evander Kane- Immidiately Made

He had 22 points in just 43 games during the regular season. He also scored an impressive 13 goals.

Evander Kane- Season was Made

His ability to score goals on the wing, combined with his physical presence offered the Oilers something.

Evander Kane- Ability to Score

The Oilers general manager has mentioned many times since his team's demise that his goal is to sign Kane.

Evander Kane- Team General Manager

The problem is that Holland does not have a lot of cap space with, which means that returning the forward.

Evander Kane- Space Cap

Image Source- USA Today

At the moment at this point, they Oilers have just under $7 million of capacity space going into the season.

Evander Kane- Capacity of Space

Image Source- ESPN

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