Zion Williamson- Common Aim

Everyone around Zion Williamson shares a common aim: to put Zion Williamson on the MVP List.

Junior Pelicans player in the greatest position to be successful and enable his God-given potential.

Zion Williamson- Pelicans Player

Zion Williamson- Important Members

One of the most important members of this group is Christian Green, Williamson's personal chef.

He would like everyone to know that there's a group of individuals who are in Zion Williamson corner.

Zion Williamson- Individuals

"It's not just me," Green stated. "I give all the credit and due respect to his family and to his trainer.

Zion Williamson- All the Credit

It all starts with Zion and his family, and his strength coach. I'll say that I'm a key piece for this.

Zion Williamson- Strength Coach

In the last 40 years, there has been only Michael Jordan has scored more points than Williamson in his career.

Zion Williamson- 85 Games Stat

Yet even the player who is regarded in the eyes of many to be the greatest player of all time.

Zion Williamson- Best Player

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

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