Facebook Location Access

Meta is quietly changing the way that it uses Location Services in Facebook which is one the serious update by the company.

Depreciation of several local-based functions in the app, including Nearby Friends, weather alerts and Location History.

Facebook Location Access- Change Examples

Facebook Location Access- Alert

Facebook Meta Users are now being alerted to the update in their Facebook notifications stream.

In a more detailed explanation of the change, Meta says that these services will no longer be available after May 31st, 2022.

Facebook Location Access- May 31st

Facebook Location Access- What's New

Meta will stop collecting the information used to power these elements, even if you’d previously enabled them.

Meta says that all of your previously logged information relating to these functions will be deleted on August 1st.

Facebook Location Access- Functions Deleted

Facebook Location Access- Other Details

Meta’s not known for giving up user data so easily, and it seems unlikely that it’s simply chosen to depreciate.

Meta reduce the size of these notifications, which are now shown to all Facebook users on iOS. 

Facebook Location Access- iOS Features

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