After Game 5 of the NBA Finals, fake Klay Thompson has been banned from Chase Center.

Fake Klay Thompson- Game 5 of NBA Finals

After a brief walk into the Golden State Warrior's stadium, the Klay Thompson impersonator was banned for life.

Fake Klay Thompson- Walk into Golden State

Dawson Gurley is a YouTube jokester. He has been a hot topic for Warriors and NBA fans.

Fake Klay Thompson- YouTube Jokester

Gurley's tricks were spotted on national television and even Steve Kerr mistakenly thought the impersonator.

Fake Klay Thompson- Tricks were Spotted

Joe Tsai, the net owner, decided to respond to the NBA news by inviting the YouTube impersonator to Barclay's Center.

Fake Klay Thompson- Nets Owner Decided to

sai used #FakeTampering as the hashtag. What would it look like if "Fake Flay Thompson” came to Brooklyn?

Image Source- YouTube

Fake Klay Thompson- Hashtag Fake Tampering

You could dress him up in a Net costume to promote your event or sell more tickets.

Image Source- Fox News

Fake Klay Thompson- Dress Net Costume

However, the Brooklyn Nets have invited him to the Barclays Center. Coach of Golden State his own player a few seasons back.

Fake Klay Thompson- Brooklyn Nets

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