Marriott to take over Leela Goa in Oct

American hospitality major Marriott International will take over the iconic Leela Hotel on October 6, 2022.

Iconic Leela Hotel- History & Future

Built in 1991 as a Leela, the 49-acre property will be converted into St. Regis, one of Marriott’s top luxury brands.

Leela Hotel- Its Changing Holdings

Leading global asset management firm Brookfield had in 2019 taken over the Leela luxury hotel that was founded by Mr. Nair.

Leela Hotel Chains- List of Hotels

Leela had eight properties. Since then Brookfield has opened three more Leelas- At Jaipur, Gandhinagar and Bengaluru.

Leela Hotel Chain- Other Hotels Opening

Signed to open two new ones in Kerala, Kovalam and the backwater of Ashtamudi & Mumbai's Leela is only with Founders Family.

Marriott to take over Leela Goa- Only Hotel Sold

Group’s most iconic properties, the Goa hotel will be the first Leela Hotel to see a Brand Change with the Hotel Owner.

Iconic Leela Hotel- Ceres Hotel Sign With Leela

Ceres Hotels Private Limited, signing up with Marriott that will give complete transformation to the Hotel in 2022.

St. Regis Leela Hotel will be 9th in Goa

St. Regis Goa Resort will be the ninth Marriott hotel in Goa they have acquired other Hotels in Goa too.

Leela Hotel Chains- What Rejeev Menon Said

Rajeev Menon, Marriott International president Asia Pacific said that we are delighted to work with Ceres Hotel Pvt. Ltd.

St. Regis- New BenchMark of Luxury Hospitality

The St. Regis Goa Resort will usher in a new benchmark of luxury Hospitality in the city & will score trust in Tourists of Goa.

Iconic Leela Hotel- What's Inside

Spread across 49-acres, Leela Hotel on Mobor Beach is going to have 206 Luxurious Rooms, Suites & Villas.

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