Ferrari SP48 Unica SuperCar

Ferrari SP48 Unica has been revealed its next one-off project, this time based on the mid-engined F8 Tributo.

Ferrari SP48 Unicaintroduces a completely bespoke exterior body with a futuristic design.

Ferrari SP48 Unica- Design

Ferrari SP48 Unica SuperCar- Key Highlights

Ferrari’s designers have created a distinctive graphic from the windscreen, windows and roof panel that creates a unique aesthetic.

Ferrari SP48 Unica by blocking out the A-pillars in black and then also drawing up the gloss black section up the roof panel 

Ferrari SP48 Unica- Roof Panel

Ferrari SP48 Unica SuperCar- Materials

Ferrari SP48 Unica the screen’s shape around the header rail, creating a very sleek junction between glass and carbon fibre.

Ferrari has used 3D printing processes in the prototyping phase to create seamless openings in the nose that form the front.

Ferrari SP48 Unica- 3D Printing

Ferrari SP48 Unica SuperCar- LED Lighting

Ferrari SP48 Unica rear end is especially dramatic, with an inner volume dissected with a black strip which integrates slim LED.

The five spoke wheel design of Ferrai SP48 is also new and bespoke, referencing other wheel designs used on the F8 and SF90.

Ferrari SP48 Unica- Spoke Wheels

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