Final Fantasy 16- Game Coming Soon

Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, has said that a trailer for the game is finished and could be shown ‘soon’.

Yoshida made his comments (translated by Twitch streamer Audrey) during a livestream for a Nier Reincarnation.

Final Fantasy 16- What Producer Said

Final Fantasy 16-Trailer on the Way

the new trailer for the game is now complete and that, after being delayed due to various unspecified factors, it should drop “soon”.

development team to spend some more time on polishing and debugging the experience before calling it complete. 

Final Fantasy 16- Development Team

Final Fantasy 16- Story Line

Yoshida said in an interview that development "is in the final stretch" and that the "story has become quite deep.

These comments, he reveals in this latest livestream, may have gotten him in some trouble with the game’s PR team.

Final Fantasy 16- Comments

Final Fantasy 16- Game Release Date

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t actually have a release date and, until these comments, things have been fairly quiet around.

Well, that half a year is now just about passed and it looks like something is indeed brewing.

Final Fantasy 16- The Wait is Over!!!

Final Fantasy 16 Game- Swipe Up!!!

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