Its built-in Firefox PDF Reader is a well-known tool for viewing PDF documents within the browser.

Mozilla Firefox- PDF Reader

Mozilla Firefox- Documents Downloaded

Firefox users can make use of it to display PDF documents from local sources or PDF documents downloaded.

A few Firefox users love the concept of opening PDF files in their browsers, because it's an easy and simple procedure.

Mozilla Firefox- In Their Browsers

Some prefer using third-party applications and deactivate any PDF viewers. External tools can provide greater functionality.

Mozilla Firefox- Third Party Applications

Firefox PDF Reader Firefox PDF Reader supports form filling, but that's the only feature it has at the moment.

Mozilla Firefox- Form Filings

Mozilla is planning to enhance the capabilities provided by the integrated Firefox PDF Reader.

Mozilla Firefox- Capabilities

The editor is being developed in the moment, however Firefox Nightly users may enable it in the near future.

Editing that is Coming to Mozilla Firefox

The PDF Viewer will be able to support annotations in the form of text or ink and additional features Mozilla.

Firefox Features

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