Ford 100% Electric in Europe- Mission 2035

Ford of Europe together with 27 companies has joined the EU to ensure all new cars & vans in Europe are zero-emission from 2035.

Removing fossil fuel burning vehicles from the road is imperative for Europe to reach its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Ford 100% Electric Europe - Net Zero Emission

Ford 100% Electric in Europe- Caring Planet

At Ford in Europe, we believe that freedom of movement goes hand-in-hand with caring for our planet and each other.

EU policymakers must also establish mandatory national targets for a seamless electric charging infrastructure.

Ford 100% Electric Europe- Electric Charging

Ford 100% Electric in Europe- Clean Car Rules

The EU decision-makers are currently deciding on new clean car rules, following a proposal by the EU Commission.

The European Parliament and EU governments will decide their positions in June, with the final law expected.

Ford 100% Electric in Europe- Final Proposal

Ford 100% Electric in Europe- zero Emission

For Ford of Europe, the road towards zero-emission vehicles is being paved by a new generation of seven, all-electric.

Leading the charge are the Mustang Mach-E, which last year achieved maximum safety and green ratings from Euro NCAP.

Ford 100% Electric in Europe- Mustang

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