Fortnite 19.10 Update

In the Fortnite 19.10 Update, players will find several major bug fixes. The update will also fix the ‘Network Connection Lost’ issue.

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Tilted Tower

This update will also bring back the classic Tilted Towers POI, which includes the iconic clock tower.

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Klomberries

The introduction of Klomberries, a new fruit found on the island. These fruits are used to calm angry Klombos and will also boost your Effective Health.

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Tracking

Players will also be able to track their victory crown achievements with the Crowning Achievement emote, which will now track more than 99 victories. 

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Stinger SMG

There have been a few other changes to the weapon system, and the Stinger SMG has had its damage reduced slightly.  

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Map

With the release of the 19.10 Update, a snowdrift has melted away, revealing the popular POI on the map. 

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Splash

This update is very important for Fortnite players, and players should wait for it if they want to make a splash in the game. 

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Chapter 2

The new Fortnite 19.10 update includes a large dinosaur that has been requested by Fortnite fans since the start of Chapter 2.

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Contents

It will be replaced by the original Tilted Towers. The game will have a lot of new content, so players can’t wait to try it out.

Fortnite 19.10 Update- Wanted to Know More