Fortnite 20.30 Update is Live Now!!!

Fortnite Update 20.30 is now live. The Update adds several new features & enhancements that will blow your mind.

The brand new Fortnite 20.30 Update provides funding stations for Choppas, rebalances harm done by shotguns.

Fortnite 20.30 Update- New Additions

Fortnite 20.30 Update Gone Live In

The All New Fortnite 20.30 is going live on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch & Others.

The Newly launched Fortnite Update 20.30 has also added the countless Star Wars items and skins.

Fortnite 20.30 Update- Star Wars Skin

Fortnite 20.30 Update- Obi-Wan Skin

As per the leaks by @gameshed, Fortnite Update 20.30 can also expect an Obi-Wan skin to launch later tonight. 

A news regarding the latest Fortnite 20.30 Update was aanounced by Epic Games on Twitter making it official on May 3rd.

Fortnite 20.30 Update- Twitter Announced

Fortnite 20.30 Update- Choppa Helicopter

As per the new leaks that are circulating, the Fortnite 20.30 Update might get the Choppa helicopter reintroduced.

Fortnite insiders news, Shiina also believe Lightsabers are making a return along with something which is called Lightning Cup. 

Fortnite 20.30 Update- Things Making Return

Fortnite 20.30 Update- Swipe Up for More!!!

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