Frank Clark- Defensive Lineman

Chiefs defense lineman Frank Clark pleaded not to defense at the court in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Clark will be back before the court early next year and must prove that he was able to complete his sentence.

Frank Clark- Must Prove

Three-time Pro Bowl pass rusher was arrested in the month of March 2021 after he was stopped.

Frank Clark- Pro Bowl Passes

A police officer spotted a firearm inside the vehicle and seized two firearms that were loaded.

Frank Clark- Firearms Siezed

Three months after, Clark was pulled over for a code violation, and officers found another firearm inside his car.

Frank Clark- In a Code Voilations

Clark acknowledged the fact that "at some point you have to grow up" and set an example for your children.

Frank Clark- To Grow Up

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Frank Clark- Not Worth Season

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Clark 29-year-old Clark has just finished a disappointing season, in which he recorded 4 1/2 sacks.

Clark has 88 tackles and 18 1/2 sacks over 40 games during the regular season in Kansas City.

Frank Clark- Regular Season

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