Fred VanVleet- Touching Stories

Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet has one of the most touching stories in the NBA season.

He came from the most unimaginable levels and then advancing to the position of an all-star guard VanVleet.

Fred VanVleet- Unimaginable Events

Fred VanVleet- Spent Six Season

Vanvleet spent six seasons in the NBA and all of them were associated with Toronto from being an ineligible free agent.

VanVleet becomes the highest-paid non-drafted athlete in NBA history diminutive guard from the state of Witchita State.

Fred VanVleet- Non Drafted

With the date coming for VanVleet's signing his next contract, which is expected to be signed soon.

Fred VanVleet- Next Contract

The Raptors could have to conduct some serious salary cap maneuvers to ensure they keep him in the squad.

Fred VanVleet- Salary Cap

There's a chance that VanVleet is too costly and expensive for the Toronto Raptors to keep around.

Fred VanVleet- Too Costly

Image Source- Complex

Fred VanVleet- Extreme Cautious

Image Source- Bleacher Report

The Raptors must be extremely cautious when negotiations for the terms of his next contract.

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