It's rare that players switches agents after signing a huge contract. However, Freddie Freeman is seriously contemplating.

Freddie Freeman- Player Switching

Freeman evidently wasn't thrilled to be leaving for the Braves even though it meant relocating with The Dodgers.

Freddie Freeman- Were Thrilled

The reason he initially blamed Braves management who are cost-conscious despite the fact that they are major money maker.

Freddie Freeman- Blames Braves

However, as he's collected information regarding what transpired the last few days, he's now at least partially blaming Excel.

Freddie Freeman- Information Collected

It's evident that Freeman was determined to stay and not leave, one has to ask whether his representatives.

Freddie Freeman- Determined to Stay

It's the responsibility of Freeman to decide who should take the responsibility.

Freddie Freeman- He Will Took Decision

The negotiations were a success according to the sources. To clarify Excel's head baseball agent Casey.

Freddie Freeman- Negotiations Success

Image Source-Sportskeeda

In any event, Freeman himself believes the Braves did a better job than he had previously believed.

Freddie Freeman- Can Get Better Player

Image Source- Sportskeeda 

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