Freddie Freeman has spent the last three months looking forward for the opportunity to return to Atlanta.

Freddie Freeman- Last Three Months

The Dodgers' first baseman, however, was unable to contain his emotions during a 13-minute press conference.

Freddie Freeman- First Baseman

Freeman stated, "I was looking forward today, but it's Monday soon," "Gosh, it's a lot more difficult than I thought."

Freddie Freeman- Lot More Difficult

Freeman received his 2021 World Series Ring before Friday's series opener between Braves & Dodgers.

Freddie Freeman- World Series Ring

He was greeted with thunderous applause. His first plate appearance was preceded by another standing ovation.

Freddie Freeman-Thunderous Applause

Atlanta fans will always remember Freeman's contributions. This will be a difficult homecoming for Freeman.

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

Freddie Freeman- Homecoming

Freeman said, "I thought that I loved this place and this organization a lot," as he wiped his bloodshot cheeks.

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Freddie Freeman- Loved this Place

You can see how much I love this city and this organization. It's hard to believe that this weekend is going to be so long.

Freddie Freeman- Hard to Believe

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