As of the end of last season they Boston Celtics had played in three of the five previous Eastern Conference finals.

Boston Celtics- Eastern Conference

They'd lost at this point each time they had not reached the Finals since 2010. They finally made it to the Finals.

Boston Celtics- Not Reached Finals

Taking a lead of 2-1 against the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, it looked like they could win a record-setting.

Boston Celtics- Golden State Warriors

But their inability manage the ball slowed themand they went on to lose the following three games.

Boston Celtics- Manage Ball

While it was that the Celtics had at points during last season, it became clear in the final stretch of finals.

Boston Celtics- Points Last Season

Brad Stevens saw things the same way and addressed that problem with the acquisition of Danilo Gallinari.

Boston Celtics- Problem Addressed

Celtics currently project to be among the most deep teams in the league Their rotation is mostly established.

Boston Celtics- Established

They didn't even get a first-round selection this year, which means that this won't be the most thrilling.

Boston Celtics- First Round Selection

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