Gabe Kapler- Course of Week

Many times over the course of the week, Gabe Kapler mentioned how athletic he believes.

On Sunday Gabe Kapler spoke for a long time about traits that may not stand out to those not paying attention.

Gabe Kapler- About the Traits

Gabe Kapler- Vertical Leaps

"I don't have his vertical leap," Kapler stated. "But those are things that play into athleticism.

Mercedes showcased a variety of these traits when she dug an Clayton Kershaw curve from the dirt.

Gabe Kapler- These Traits

Kapler is pleased with the amount of work Mercedes has made himself and efficient in the game.

Gabe Kapler- Amount of Work

Mercedes made a mistake on a ball during the seventh inning, giving Freddie Freeman an unexpected double.

Gabe Kapler- The Seventh Inning

It was the Dodgers who had a 7-4 lead at the time the inning was over after adding three runs.

Gabe Kapler- Adding Runs

Image Source- The Guardian

Mike Yastrzemski was unable to play due to soreness in his calf, leaving the Giants without alternatives.

Gabe Kapler- Unable to Play

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Draymond Green is the reigning world champion four times, however, it seems that the entire world...

Draymond Green Almost Denied Entry