Only Best Buy Totaltech members were eligible for the restock. This loyalty program costs $200 annually.

Gamestop- Eligible for Restock

Gamestop- Selected Stores

GameStop will stock PS5 bundles at selected stores on Saturday, July 16. This offer is only available to Pro Members.

We've collected all the listings of retailers for the PS5 Digital and PS5 in one place to help you find the right retailer.

Gamestop- Listing of Retailers

While most restocks are still done online, there are occasions when retailers like Best Buy or GameStop.

Gamestop- Still Done Online

Some recent PS5 restocks were also restricted to subscribers to major retailers like Amazon Prime.

Gamestop- PS5 Restock

We are also monitoring restocks for the first official PS5 Bundle. You will receive a digital coupon.

Gamestop- Monitoring Restock

The standard PS5 bundle costs $550 while the PS5 Digital bundle costs $450.

Gamestop- Digital Bundles

Image Source-Restock

Amazon Prime Day 2022 brought a lot of deals but also a PS5 restock. The PS5 was in stock at Best Buy earlier today.

Gamestop- Bought Deals

Image Source-NYTIMES

Sony Interactive Entertainment has completed the $3.7 billion acquisition of Bungie

Sony has finally Acquired Bungie