GameStop- Stock Split

After the four for one stock split, the GameStop GME 12.10% stock market will reopen on Friday.

Any GameStop shareholder who was present at the close on Monday will receive three additional shares.

GameStop- Shareholder

GameStop- Additional Shares

The seller will give the additional shares to investors who purchased GameStop shares on Tuesday.

GameStop stock will trade Friday on a split-adjusted base. This means that one share will now be worth one-fourth.

GameStop- Adjusted One

GameStop stock closed Thursday at $153.47, mean that the split-adjusted price would be $38.37.

GameStop- Stock Closed

However, investors may rush to split stock stocks because they outperform the market.

GameStop- Outperform Market

Image Source- New York Posr

It is possible that investors are rushing to split stocks because stocks with strong momentum.

GameStop- Strong Momentum

GameStop stock has increased 3.7% in 2022, but it is still down 14% from 12 months ago.

GameStop- Graph Details

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