Gareth Bale needed a new home. The same has been the case for some time, even while he was in contract with Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale- Needed New Home

Los Angeles should be an environment that is more welcoming for Bale and his family, not the least because of California.

Gareth Bale- Los Angeles

Bale, 32, is counting the support of Los Angeles FC to help him prepare for the 2022 World Cup.

Gareth Bale- Support for Angeles

A potential career-defining event for Bale, who has been awarded the five Champions League titles.

Gareth Bale- A Potential Career

Wales must Bale to be in good shape and firing by the time of November when they kick off the World Cup campaign.

Gareth Bale- In a Good Form

MLS was in the past afflicted by players who view the league as a final paycheck before declaring it quits.

Image Source- Sporting News

Gareth Bale- Afflicted by Players

Bale isn't your typical retirement league signee. LAFC hasn't signed Bale to be the heart of their squad.

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Gareth Bale- Typical Retirement

Bale doesn't have the status of a designated Player, having joined LAFC with the Targeted Allocation of Money.

Gareth Bale- A Designated Player

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