Gary Harris- Fit & Healthy

Gary Harris was generally healthy and fit during the last year in Orlando. Harris was in 39 games because of injuries.

He also had an acceptable 57.1 real shooting percentage. This is the reason why the Magic agreed to sign.

Gary Harris- Shooting Percentage

Harris has torn the meniscus in his left knee according to a report broken in the news by Adrian Wojnarowski.

Gary Harris- His Left Knee

Harris is one of the few veteran players who are on the Magic roster that would be willing to trade.

Gary Harris- Veteran Players

The teams will stop trading in exchange for Harris until they learn more information about his return timeframe.

Gary Harris- In Exchange

The meniscus is the C-shaped piece of fibrous and soft cartilage often referred to as fibrocartilage.

Gary Harris- Soft Cartilage

It's also wedge-shaped which improves joint alignment and further improves stabilizing your knee.

Gary Harris- Joint Alignment

Image Source- Bleacher Report

Gary Harris- Meniscus Tears

Image Source- Forbes

Knee sprains or meniscus tears are not uncommon, and Harris's recovery time will be based on the degree.

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