Gary Payton II- Golden State Warriors

Many award winners have called the Golden State Warriors home over the years for the Garry Payton ii.

The NBA waited between 1996 and 2022 for Marcus Smart (a guard) to follow in Gary Payton's footsteps.

Gary Payton II- Marcus Smart

Gary Payton II- Has Any Thought

Buckley said that the wait for the next award will not be as long if Gary Payton II has any thought.

Payton signed with the Portland Trail Blazers this season, where he will likely play a largely defensive role.

Gary Payton II- Portland Trail Blazers

Payton joining the Trail Blazers give the opportunity to improve the defense that has been the league's worst.

Gary Payton II- Improve the Defense

The suffocating stopper just came off a championship run for the Golden State Warriors and has bounced.

Gary Payton II- Championship Run

That alone is enough for narrative-driven voters. After playing a key role for major-market champions.

Gary Payton II- Narrative Driven

Image Source- Marca

Gary Payton II- Five Defensive

Image Source- Sporting News

He can dramatically improve the Portland defense that has rated among the bottom five defensives.

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