Gary Payton II- Sports Business

Sports is a business therefore, when a player has the chance to earn the cash they need, it is an easy choice to take.

In the case of Gary Payton II, the opportunity to secure the bag came during the offseason.

Gary Payton II- Opportunity

Gary Payton II converting his position as a depth player for the Warriors in their quest to win 2022's NBA Finals.

Gary Payton II- His Position

The 29-year-old turned his success during the finals into a three-year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Gary Payton II- Three Year Deal

While he was enthralled by the possibility of going back to the state of Golden State, the decision to quit this area Bay Area.

Gary Payton II- The Possibility

"I had to take the money," Payton II stated in a recent episode of "Truth and Basketball " with George Karl.

Gary Payton II- Recent Episode

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Gary Payton II- Golden State

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I would love to go back to Golden State, but it didn't work out. Just the timing and everything.

In the 2021-22 NBA season this veteran player was averaging 7.1 scores per contest in a majority of games.

Gary Payton II- Veteran Player

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