Gary Payton II has a wonderful relationship with his father. It's one that is sure to bring out the best in everyone.

Gary Payton II- Wonderful Relationship

After the Warriors' guard took home his first ever championship ring after beating the Boston Celtics in 2022.

Gary Payton II- Warriors' Guard

It was not surprising that he used the opportunity to poke fun at his father, Gary Payton Sr. heading into Father's Day.

Gary Payton II- Not Surprising

After the Warriors' Finals win, Payton said to reporters that it was huge. He reflected on the moment with his father.

Gary Payton II- Moments with Father

Payton smiled and said, "And I think that I got mine earlier than he got it," "I'm 1-for-1 so we know that we'll keep it that way."

Gary Payton II- I Got Mine Earlier

Payton Sr. received his ring in 2006 with the Miami Heat, almost 16 years after he was first drafted.

Image Source- Sporting News

Gary Payton II- Received His Rings

In comparison, his son's first ring came five years after he made a debut in the NBA in 2017.

Image Source- Raptures Rapture

Gary Payton II- After Five Years

Payton Sr. doesn't shy away from making fun of his son but he was not one to laugh at himself on Thursday.

Gary Payton II- Making Fun

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