Gas Price in Ottawa- Record Prices

Ottawa motorists will be paying record prices to fill up the gas tank today, and prices are expected to continue to climb.

Gas is selling at 199.9 cents a litre at some Ottawa gas stations this morning following a four cent a litre hike overnight.

Gas Price in Ottawa- Hike

Gas Price in Ottawa- Weekly Overview

Gas prices have been rising over the past week hitting 191.9 cents a litre on Wednesday and 195.9 cents a litre on Saturday.

we would see $2 by the May 2-4 weekend," Canadians for Affordable Energy president Dan McTeague told CP24 on Saturday.

Gas Price in Ottawa- What Minister Said

Gas Price in Ottawa- More Price Hike

"Add another 10 cents a litre. We are going to look at another 10 cents in the next two weeks," McTeague said.

If Russia decides to back off look for gas prices to drop, as well as oil, that would probably lead to an unexpected decrease.

Gas Price in Ottawa- What Else Minister Said

Gas Price in Ottawa- Predicted Earlier

Highest prices and they are happening at least a week to two weeks before I could have predicted, in my wildest estimations.

The Gas Price are seeing a record high in all over the world because of the unexpected inflation across the globe.

Gas Price in Ottawa- Wrap Up

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