NDTV promoters have challenged the Gautam Adani Group's open offer to acquire 26 per cent of its shares

Image By- NDTV

They claimed the offer is incomplete without a Sebi nod. NDTV has also sought a clarification from SEBI.

Image By- Indian Express

The offer has been revised to tentatively close on December 5 and a hearing has been scheduled.

Oyo Hotels and Homes is one of the biggest hospitality brands in the world by room count.

The Adani group has also asked SEBI for feedback on its draft open offer letter.

NDTV is India's leading news organisation and has more than 35 million followers on social media.

It runs two news channels in Hindi and English. It also operates a business news channel called NDTV Profit.

The promoters have a choice to counter the Adanis' offer, depending on their financial muscle.

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