George Kittle- San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers veteran tight end George Kittle's injury to his groin is believed to be so serious.

Chicago Bears, according to league sources aren't authorized to make public statements.

George Kittle- Leaked Sources

A source described Kittle's condition as being fluid , while stating the groin injury "not good," adding that it's ideal.

George Kittle- Groin Injury

Another source has said it's the strain was Grade 2 that is limiting Kittle's top speed.

George Kittle- Grade 2 Injury

Kittle injured his groin Monday, and he didn't play on Wednesday as per the head trainer Kyle Shanahan.

George Kittle- Head Trainer

"I'm not sure," Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday, on the phone when asked about Kittle's condition.

George Kittle- Reporters Interview

Image Source- San Francisco Chronicles

George Kittle- Missing Games

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Kittle missed three games during the season because of injuries to his calf but was able to catch 71 passes.

The contract is a five-year $75 million contract, he is the most highly-paid tight-end in the NFL.

George Kittle- Years on Contract

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