George Kittle- Back to Back Podcast

George Kittle joined back-to-back podcasts on Tuesday. He gushed about how quiet talented one.

When he appeared for the KNBR's "Papa & Lund" podcast, The People's Tight End acknowledged.

George Kittle- Papa & Laud

George Kittle- Appreciated Narrative

San Francisco safety Jimmie Ward while giving a convincing argument for his under-appreciated narrative.

What exactly is it that is it that makes Kittle, a former first-round selection such a low-rated player.

George Kittle- First Round Selection

He's a guy you don't want to line up [against] when it's man coverage, you don't want Jimmie Ward.

George Kittle- Don't Want Roundup

He's excellent with his hands, and he understands how to hold his position without calling for holding.

George Kittle- Hold His Position

Kittle of all people should be aware. He is in competition with the veterans of the safety field.

George Kittle- With the Veterans

George Kittle- Pro Bowler

Image Source- Niner Noise

The three-time Pro Bowler is happy to play the likes of Ward and, while on the other hand is proud.

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