George Pickens- Lot of Players

A lot of players are on the rise in preseason games however, only a small part of it will matter.

Steelers rookie wide receiver George Pickens is among the players that matter and could happen sooner.

George Pickens- Steelers Rookie

George Pickens- Final Piece

His 26-yard touchdown - which is a stunning snare that he toe-tapped on the final piece of space.

Pickens also extended his arms during the out route of Rudolph to gain an 8 yards gain and was also a target.

George Pickens- Extended Arms

Mitch Trubisky's first touchdown pass during the match in the game against his Seahawks and an 8-yard gain.

George Pickens- First Touchdowns

His catch will draw notice in the basic Fantasy circles however, it's the rest of the items he accomplished.

George Pickens- Draw Notice

I've been able to review the tape and analyze the specifics of these things but from a player's perspective.

George Pickens- Players Perspective

George Pickens- Fellow Rookie

Image Source- Arrowhead Addict

In a game on which the fellow rookie Kenny Pickett had fans chanting his name to take the field prior.

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