George Pickens- Offensive Rookie

The biggest problem for Offensive Rookies for BetMGM's Year can be found in Pickens.

Pickens began at 50-to-1 to be awarded the prize. The odds have dropped to 18-to-1 score.

George Pickens- Prize Awarded

George Pickens- Massive Tickets

There are many massive tickets available on Pickens. To win the OROY award 13 percent of the money.

Only Pickens teammates the QB Kenny Pickett, has a greater % of the money being bet on his winning.

George Pickens- His Teammates

Just the fact that Pickens receives lots of press during the training camp does not necessarily mean.

George Pickens- Training Camp

He's got Diontae Johnson, and Chase Claypool ahead of him in the pecking order for receiver and the Steelers QB.

George Pickens Order for Receiver

Pickens was a potential first-rounder however an injury to his ACL caused him to drop his pick.

George Pickens- First Rounder

George Pickens- Unmistakable Talent

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Pickens was an unmistakable talent in Georgia and his team of professional players recognize it in Steelers.

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