Gleyber Torres- A Good Year

Gleyber Torres has been having a good year now that the Yankees have returned him to his normal position.

Surprisingly they Yankees did not lead in a single game. The two wins they won featured two walk-off.

Gleyber Torres- Single Game

Gleyber Torres- Current Situation

Get your records out In the current situation, Houston is the best team in the American League.

The deadline for trades will come to an end in just a few weeks, and New York is expected.

Gleyber Torres- Trade Deadline

We've seen them connected to the market for outfields and we've seen them connected.

Gleyber Torres- For Outfields

I'm inclined toward Castillo being the most significant decision the Yankees are planning to make.

Gleyber Torres- Most Significant

The 23-year-old superstar is in the middle of the pack after he rejected an extension for 15 years.

Gleyber Torres- Middle of Pack

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The news is already beginning to surface it appears that New York isn't willing to offer the prospect package.

Gleyber Torres- Already a Beginning

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