Golden State Warriors- Simple Solution

There's a simple solution. Joe Lacob won't like it however, it's to help all the warriors.

A way for all players to be content to be appreciated and be able to be focused on the task.

Golden State Warriors- All Players

Golden State Warriors- Pay Everyone

The solution is to pay everyone. Draymond Green. Andrew Wiggins. Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson.

All of them should be rewarded with substantial contract extensions that lock into for the Warriors.

Golden State Warriors- Substantial Contract

It's just not feasible to the team, according to sources. In the event that they extend all of them.

Golden State Warriors- Not Feasible

Offer Wiggins the opportunity to extend his contract that begins at the $33 million mark that he's making.

Golden State Warriors- He is Making

Bump Green who holds an option for a player, into his decline-and-extend limit of $30.9 million salary.

Golden State Warriors- Extend Limits

Image Source- NBC News

The total for the 2023-24 season to $222 million & the tax line for 2023 will be $161million.

Golden State Warriors- The Tax Line

Image Source- USA Today

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