Golf Hole- French Activists

Environmental activists from southern France have sprayed golf holes of the course with cement.

In protest against the exclusion of golf course greens from water restrictions due to the country's drought.

Golf Hole- Protest Against

Golf Hole- Targeted Locations

The group targeted locations in the vicinity of Toulouse in France, describing golf as the "leisure industry.

The exclusion of golf greens has created controversy because 100 French villages lack drinking water.

Golf Hole- Created Controversy

Golf officials have said greens could be dead in just three days if they didn't have water on the golf course.

Golf Hole- Grass would be Dead

A golf course with no green would be like an iced drink that does not have any ice taking away all the beauty.

Golf Hole- All the Beauty

The French Golf Federation also said that 15,000 people worked on golf courses throughout the country.

Golf Hole- French Golf Federation

Golf Hole- The Exemptions

In a petition, activists claimed that the exemption proved that "economic absurdity is more important.

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