HealthifyMe has launched HealthifyPro — the company's flagship fitness plan with a number of sensors to track users health.

HealthifyMe Launches HealthifyPro

HealthifyPro- Most Powerful Health Sensors

Healthify uses biosensor system (BIOS), a smart scale, health coaches, HealthifyMe's AI assistant, and a metabolic panel.

HealthifyPro plan offers cross platform integration to its users but currently the beta version of the app is available.

HealthifyPro- Cross-Plattform Integration

HealthifyPro- Comes with Vaccine Remainder

HealthifyMe had announced support for a new vaccination reminder feature for users who are waiting to get their COVID-19 shots. 

Smart scale helps users to gain a better understanding of the their body composition metrics including their weight, & fat percentage.

HealthifyPro- Smart Scale Sensor

HealthifyPro- Metabolism Panel

The metabolic panel offered with the HealthifyPro plan is based on a blood test which can measure more than 80 parameters. 

HealthifyPro also offers cross platform integration from apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit among other devices.

HealthifyPro- Cross Platform Apps Supported

HealthifyPro- Glucose Pattern Measure

HealthifyPro will combine the data of glucose patterns with the users' food intake and other fitness patterns to create a customised plan for each user. 

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