Google Maps- New Immersive View Feature

Google Translate wasn't the only app/service that got some new features announced at Google I/O today - so did Google Maps.

Google Maps is getting something called immersive view, and the name is rather self-explanatory.

Google Maps- Something New

Google Maps Immersive View- Availability

Google Maps Immersive View initially work for LA, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, with more cities coming soon after.

Immersive view takes Street View and aerial shots to a whole other level, combining them to immerse you into the vibe.

Google Maps Immersive View- What's New

Google Maps- Virtually Travel

travel to London and "soar over Westminster to see the neighborhood, Immersive view lets you do just that.

With a time slider you can check out what the area looks like at different times of day and in various weather conditions.

Google Maps Immersive View- Timeslider

Google Maps Immersive- Live Traffic Update

Go down to street level you can see information like live busyness and nearby traffic, and even look inside restaurants.

Immersive view should work "on just about any phone", and it's made possible by Google's ability to fuse together billions of Street View.

Google Maps Immersive View- Works on Phone

Google Maps Immersive View - Swipe Up!!!

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