Google Nest Camera will Now Support Alexa

New Google Nest cameras can now stream to your Amazon Alexa smart displays, including Echo Show devices, Fire TVs, etc.

Amazon’s announcement last week that third-party cameras can take advantage of its new person and package features.

Google Nest Camera- Amazon Announcement

Google Nest Camera- Alexa Skills

Google Nest Cameras has updated its languishing Alexa skill to include its latest cameras. 

The Google Nest Alexa skill adds the ability to view a live feed and get motion announcements on Echo speakers.

Google Nest Camera- Motion Announcements

Google Nest Camera- Door Bell Notifications

It also adds doorbell press notifications and two-way talk to Google’s support for the Nest Doorbell (battery).

Alexa’s new person detection feature will be coming to the new cameras at some point, according to Amazon.

Google Nest Camera- Amazon New Feature

Google Nest Camera to Echo Shows

You can now stream all your Nest cameras to an Echo Show and see a live feed of the newer models.

Both of those setups can also automatically pull up the feed on your smart display if your doorbell is pressed.

Google Nest Camera- Other Uses

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