Google Pixel Tab- Under Development

Google is getting back in the tablet game. Its internal hardware division plans to release an Android-powered tablet in 2023.

The mysterious Google Pixel Tablet just teased at the company’s I/O conference is powered by Android. 

Google Pixel Tab - Teased in Google I/O Event

Google Pixel Tab- Processor

Osterloh was light on details, except to say it’ll run on the same Tensor processor inside Google’s latest Pixel phones.

Google was shutting down its existing tablet products, “Google’s HARDWARE team will be solely focused on building laptops.

Google Pixel Tab - Focussed on Building Laptops

Google Pixel Tab- ChromeOS

Google seems to think of Chrome OS as mostly a tool for work and school, while Android is the consumer product.

Pixel lineup in general is less as a product organization designed to sell lots of devices & more as a showpiece of Google’s intentions. 

Google Pixel Tab - Product Organizations

Google Pixel Tab- Android Apps

Google Team has also been working with third-party developers on adapting their apps to the larger displays

Google’s also updating 20 of its own apps — Google Maps, Google Messages, YouTube Music — for tablets in the next few weeks. 

Google Pixel Tab - Apps Updating

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